Siva Prasad.


The corporate world, banks in the current context, has limitations in delighting clients, especially the borrowing clients. Genuine customer requests are sometimes turned down on flimsy grounds though they make immense sense to grab the opportunity and in the process delight the customers. I have seen it from close quarters – having worked with banks like HDFC bank, AXIS bank, and Standard Chartered bank for about 14 years.

I realised that banks with their ever changing policies, typical hierarchical structures, and the rigid dichotomy between credit underwriters and the sales folks, cannot overcome this inexplicable phenomenon of service industrys inability to just give the best of it – the service. Having been in a front ending role as a relationship manager, I couldn’t live with such helplessness. The challenge often is excruciating if you are wedded to one particular bank, therefore the plunge into being a freelancer with a singular focus of delighting the clients. If I fulfil the client dreams, I survive and achieve greater heights professionally. If I fall short, I perish. The journey began with this simple truth in mind. Thanks to Vineet who has proved this over the last 9 years and has laid the path to follow.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. What has worked for an entrepreneur in the same industry may not work for the other. Business men have to design their own path, should be willing to take risks and work hard to succeed. To work closely and be part of this courageous group’s story is what inspires me to do what I do.

Entrepreneurs have to design their
own path.
Should be willing to take risks and work hard to succeed.


The motive behind every interaction with the client should be – how can I be instrumental in bringing joy to the client, remove the frustrations, fulfill his dreams and give 10X value for what they are paying. Don’t work for money.


To work towards making Capital9 the pre-eminent name in its field and a name that people associate with world class service.