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As one of the top 10 financial services company in India, Capital 9! aims to go beyond giving you the financial edge for your business to succeed, by sharing knowl-edge! We put out incisive writing by articulate industry professionals, that simplifies finance and your best options for all your money needs. Get smarter, think clearer and choose better – with a read that is both entertaining and informative. The Capital 9! blogs are here to show you the way!

9 reasons to choose debt financing

9 reasons to choose debt financing explained well by Captail9

India is amongst the fastest growing economies today, has one of the largest youth population and is home to some of the most dynamic start-up hubs. As a result, there are an increasing number of businesses cropping up every day….continue reading

Origin of interest

Interest origin explained well by Capital9

The history of interest dates back to early civilization. As civilizations moved away from the ‘hunter-gatherer’ ways of their ancestors and moved towards building townships, some chose farming and rearing livestock….continue reading

The A to Z of working capital – Chapter 1

Working Capital from Capital 9

Mr. Anil owns a small manufacturing company. While aggressively promoting his new business, he landed a very lucrative deal, a huge order from a famous MNC to supply his goods which obviously he couldn’t resist. The MNC promised …continue reading

The A to Z of working capital – Chapter 2

Working Capital blog from Capital 9

The previous blog spoke of how to recognize and fulfill workings capital needs. A quick recap –Working capital loans are loans taken to finance a company’s everyday operations. These loans are not used for long-term assets…continue reading

Giving new entrepreneurs reasons to SMILE!

Bring smiles to new entrepreneurs with SMILE loans

In times when the eco-system seems so very start-up-friendly, how often have the start-ups in our country had this conversation? Too often. For the most part, we see start-ups seeking out private equities and venture capitalists to …continue reading