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How it Began

I came to Bangalore to first study and then started working in a multinational bank, the kind of career start that can be very thrilling to a newcomer wanting to make a mark in the field of banking.

However, the lack of a personal touch and protocol being put ahead of truly personalized services made me realise that I needed to re-define my career to reach my expectations. As luck would have it, Capital9 was growing from its strong reputation of being customized solutions, ethical services company and had the place for me to practice my ideologies.

What Inspires Me

I am a sportsman and always believe in taking the positive from yesterday, towards the promise of tomorrow without any fear of failure.  I am driven by belief that hard work and optimism is important for a brighter, better future ahead.

My Biggest Learning

You are what you believe you can be. It is a very large world of tremendous opportunity and nothing can hold you back from it when approached with optimism and confidence.


Having found true sportsman spirit in the team at Capital 9, I aspire that we win more accolades and growth in the financial market. Capital 9 should become a landmark destination for businesses to invest their trust and get transparent, quick aid to their needs in return!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9741191000

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