Working Capital Loans for SMEs in India

Working Capital Loans for SMEs in India

Working Capital loans are sought after by all businesses whether small or large at some point of time in the growth cycle. Let’s find out more about them.

What is Working Capital?

  • It is a type of obligation financing intended to cover transient monetary necessities in Businesses.
  • It can be a viable method to stay dynamic as an organization and be prepared in advance for any unanticipated cost overruns by getting extra financing.
  • Seasonal business exigencies can be fulfilled immediately during low- income period.

Understanding Working Capital Loans

A little or medium endeavor to meets the everyday monetary functional necessities of the organization needs standard income. A functioning capital credit assists the business with meeting each day monetary activities that are inadequate with regards to current income. These sorts of advances are for momentary necessities, such as for obligation instalments, stock buy, finance, rents and so forth. SMEs can go for working capital loans according to their requirement such as:

  • Short-term working capital credits
  • Credit line or Bank overdraft facility
  • Account Receivables
  • Equity Funding from financial backers or individual assets
  • Considering of solicitations
  • Letter of credit
  • Bank Guarantee

How to calculate working capital

To put it in simple words, working capital is characterized as distinction between current resources and current liabilities. So, the basic equation to determine the working capital can be depicted as:

Net working capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities

Pros & Cons

Like everything has a few up-sides and negatives, working capital credits have a few advantages and disadvantages


  • Easily accessible
  • Covers any gaps in working capital
  • Accelerates business growth and Expansion
  • No need for collateral


  • Usually comes at high rates of interest
  • Need to reimburse the capital and interest in full
  • Missed instalments or defaults in payments may harm credit score

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