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Top Five Things to Consider Before a Working Capital Loan

In any business, there are circumstances when you require a working capital loan. You don’t necessarily need a working capital loan when you are short of funds or facing a downturn. Even when your business is doing well, you might need more funds to grow your business.

Top five things you need to consider before applying for working capital loan could be:

· Identify your Working Capital needs

· Find the right lender

· Know the process, bottlenecks, compliances

· Check if you have any unpaid debt

· Consider whether your industry is a factor

Identify your Working Capital needs: It all starts with a thought or idea to see a spurt in business growth. Checking the viability or requirements analysis of the idea leads us to the amount of investment needed to go ahead with the plans. You should know ahead of time what your working capital will be for. If you have a momentary need of a small amount, you can probably ask your friends or relatives. But if you need a significant amount of investment to grow your revenue in a nearly calculated and predicted timeframe, you need a working capital loan for sure.

Find the right lender: It might be insightful to do a thorough research on various moneylenders whom you might approach before you choose a specific loan type to apply for. This will assist you with picking the most suitable loan to serve your necessities and help you know what you are getting into. Accordingly, you can the timeline and frequency of repayment instalments. However, one can never be too sure and prepared when applying for working capital loan as future is unseen. So, choose your money lender wisely and know the terms well enough.

Know the process, bottlenecks, compliances: Once you know how much money your business needs and who is going to lend it to you, it is time to learn about the process, the documentation requirements, eligibility and approval criteria, meeting the compliances and so on. The lenders would particularly be interested in knowing about your capability of repaying the loans as per the schedule agreed upon. For example, if you are a relatively new business, you might need to prove your credibility to the lenders. They might want to know how long you have been in business, who your customers are, what assets you own, your liabilities, and prospects of your business expansion ideas. So, before applying for a working capital loan, always consider the time you spent doing the business, the funds you already have, and where they will be invested. You must ensure completing all the formalities by furnishing all the necessary details and guarantees needed for securing a loan.

Check for any unpaid debt: Before applying for a working capital loan, you must check if you already have any unpaid debt. If you are already repaying a debt, there might be a possibility that you may not get the new loan as lenders may get worried about your capability to repay the debts. Lenders may get hesitant in lending you the working capital loan as default in repayment will bring undue stress on them as well as on your business. So, always clear your unpaid debts before you apply for a new working capital loan.

Consider whether your particular industry is a factor: The sort of industry you work in might make them bear the kind of working capital you apply for. A few circumstances may require merchant cash advance while others would be more qualified to a private venture credit with a set term. Factor in your industry type and your funding needs before you apply for a particular kind of working capital loan.

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