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How it Began

While working at ICICI I came across lot of SME clients who did not had access to proper advisory on various products related to fund raising. Promoters mostly had to run pillar to post before finding the right product for their business. This gap formed the foundation of capital9 with the idea of providing bespoke services for raising any kinds of funds.

What Inspires Me

Meeting entrepreneurs every day, listening to their vision and dreams and providing them with the requisite information which can help them leap frog to higher limits gives me the high of being in the capital industry.

My Biggest Learning

Meeting new people and Networking with them is critical for any business, but the most important point is to have long relationships and ensuring that apt service is provided to keep these relationships alive.


To provide an easy to use digital platform for any kind of fund raising requirements for SME and corporates and helping them get the best deals with right products within the right time frame while sitting at their offices and focusing on their core business.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9886330729

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