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How it Began

My father was a banker and back then, a banker was a highly respected person in the society . Hence joining a bank was my childhood dream. After joining a bank immediately after my post-graduation from Miranda House, New Delhi I went on to managing senior level responsibilities in the following decades. My tenure in the Business Lending Group at ICICI Bank for more than a decade, gave me deep insights on various industries, service sectors and Import-Export business, the experience of which serves as an able backbone to providing ideal fund solutions and innovative financial support.

What Inspires Me

I am inspired by the result of our support of funding. Whether someone’s business grows multiple times or a new project starts flourishing within a short span, or even an enterprising youngster’s dream of starting a new venture becomes a reality, I feel happy and content.

My Biggest Learning

To put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and try to truly understand the challenges, for only then can the best possible solutions can be given.


I aspire for a continuous association with Capital9 which is truly a new generation finance company with inspiring leadership and plenty of learning opportunity every day. This in turn, combined with my assimilated experiences I hope will help me continue to give the best services to our clients that exceed all expectations.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9900623921

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